The BEST Scotland Road Trip Itinerary

McCabe David / February 24, 2021

With a well-crafted route, 10 days in Scotland is just enough time to see most of the major points of interest that beckon millions of travellers each year. The best Scotland road trip itinerary is one that prioritizes time and fuel-efficient routes, while still allowing a flexible schedule. This is what I have aimed to create!
This Scotland travel guide has been written to provide insights, photo inspiration, and suggestions based on our 10 days exploring the country’s incredible lochs, isles, castles, cities, and culture. In it, I will attempt to answer the most common questions that people ask me when planning road trips of their own, including when to visit, how to travel, and what to see in Scotland.
When planning your Scotland road trip, choosing the right time to visit can make all the difference. Each season provides distinct advantages and disadvantages. You should, therefore, carefully consider the type of Scottish holiday you are hoping for to ensure you have an amazing experience. Perhaps the biggest consideration you will have when planning a road trip to Scotland is the type of vehicle you chose. After all, this one decision will impact your accessibility, costs, speed, and most of all, your comfort!
During my 10 days in Scotland, it rained for 8 of them, as well as another three days before and after. Having a comfortable place to cook, work, and dry out made a world of difference in my experience.
I have always praised campervans as the best way to travel as they provide accommodation, transportation, and liberation all in one. However, I chose to travel Scotland by motorhome instead, and it may have been the best decision I made. After weighing cost and reputation, I decided to reach out to Spaceships UK to discuss the options. I was eventually swayed by them to consider my first-ever motorhome road trip in lieu of a campervan!
The reasons I made the switch was that I was assured that I would not be limited by the small country roads. Also, the fuel efficiency was comparable to all but the smallest campervans, and the Scottish weather forecast called for a LOT of rain. In all honesty, I almost asked to switch vehicles after my first day of driving. As a photographer, I am used to being able to pull off quickly to take roadside images, even if it is just live parking somewhere. Additionally, turning around was a near impossibility on those small Scottish country roads. Adjusting to the large size and all the switches, dials, and gadgets certainly took some getting used to; they don’t call it a Spaceship for nothing!
However, once I got used to the size and started to understand all the different tank levels and such, I found myself embracing the freedom it provided! True, roadside photos took a bit of a hit, but I was able to access all of the stops I had on my map without exception. Parking would likely have been a major nightmare in the more popular months, but it was no problem at all as my Scotland road trip took place in October.
I absolutely recommend a motorhome if you are planning a road trip during off-peak seasons, and loved my experience with Spaceships UK. They were incredibly helpful in planning my trip, and having 24/7 live online support saved us on many nights as we dealt with the motorhome learning curve. Traveling Scotland by campervan or motorhome provides all of the same advantages, but have some distinct disadvantages. If you are traveling during the summer, for example, finding parking and dealing with traffic in an oversized vehicle may be a bit of a nightmare. The passionate photographers may also find themselves frustrated by a complete inability to make impromptu stops or turn around.
A campervan is a great option for road trippers who don’t mind small spaces and want the ability to sleep nearby to shooting locations, but anyone spending more than 7 days in Scotland should consider a motorhome.